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Teachers Registered

List of teachers registered and active users in

Name and designations of the two Teacher Administrators of :

S. No. Name Designation Registered / Not registered in If registered, no. of pages uploaded on the website
1 Mr.Manoj Ahirwar PGT Comp. Sci Yes 1
2 Mrs. S. Bajpai PRT Yes 8-10
3 Mrs. S. Jain PRT Yes
4 Mrs. S. Chaurasiya PRT Yes 8
5 Mrs. M. Newton PRT Yes
6 Mrs. S Bhandari TGT SSt Yes Project,25
7 Ms. Meher Siddqui RRT Yes
8 Mr. Ashish Dubey TGT English Yes
9 Mrs. P. Menon TGT English Yes 8
10 Mrs. A. Chamoli TGT English Yes
11 Mr. R. Yadav TGT Maths Yes
12 Mrs. V. Chaudhary TGT Social Studies Yes
13 Mrs. A. Ahmed PRT Yes 1
14 Mrs. K. Sharma PRT Yes
15 Mrs. S. Pillai Yoga Yes 5
16 Mrs. S. N. P. Khan Principal Yes 2