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Principal's Message


Greetings to all !

Change is an eternal truth and the only permanent phenomenon. Times are changing. The rapid pace of technological advancement has made fast inroads into the educational institutions. Computer aided teaching and ready access to internet has revolutionized the education sector. At the click of a mouse the information is served on your platter. At this crucial juncture retaining the originality and the essential creative spirit of human psyche is the call of the day.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Mhow endeavours to foster this elementary trait in the pupils. I am indebted to Mr.Isampal, Deputy Commissioner, KVS RO Bhopal, Dr. S.N.Sharma, Assistant Commissioner, Smt. B. Kaur, Assistant Commissioner , Smt. JSV Lakshmi, Assistant Commissioner ,KVS, RO, Bhopal Region, Brig. Prakash Chandra, Chairman VMC and Major U.B.Singh, Nominee Chairman, VMC for their constant support and guidance.

The School Magazine ‘Pratibimb’ is a platform that captures the inner recesses of the student mind. It will offer them ample opportunities to showcase their creative talents.

More power to the youth of the day!

With best wishes.